The Start of the Trail

dirtbike2It all started about 8 years ago while I was grocery shopping.  I picked up 4 bags of beef jerky @ $7.99 each.  I was trying to help out my husband with healthy snacks that would not affect his blood sugar while working in the yard and cutting wood for the winter.  Little did I know that he would devour them within 4 hours that same afternoon.  The next day, I asked him if he would mind if I tried to make some jerky for him because I was so shocked and cheap and I couldn’t afford to do that purchase daily or even weekly!

I looked up recipes and processes and found a few worthy of trying.  After changing ingredients to fit his tastes and figuring how to dehydrate in the oven… I came up with my original flavor~ Teriyaki!  My husband loved it and I have been making it ever since for him, the rest of the family and many friends.  It is a favorite at all our family reunions and our family Christmas in Vermont.  My husband doles it out sparingly so he is in constant control of the jerky!  In our annual Yankee Swap at Christmas, all wait to see what gift I brought with homemade jerky in it, as they all want that one.

We purchased our dream farmhouse and farm in Salem and bought some beef cows and we were farming!  We have 92 acres in Salem, NY and have loved every minute of our adventure.   There was a muddy, and as far as I was concerned, dangerously deep road that we could use to access our property past the wetlands portion or our property.  Immediately, our son named it the muddy trail and was drawn to it like any boy with a bike around mud would be.  He loves to ride his bike down there and drive his dump trucks.

We had been looking into options to start processing the jerky and doing farmer’s markets and craft fairs.  We found a super location in Granville, NY and will be setting up shop there.  We were discussing this at dinner one day and our son Tanner asks if we are going to name the business the Muddy Trail and that is how the name came to us.

Mary & Rene Lussier

The Muddy Trail Beef Jerky Co. LLC