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Muddy Trail Jerky

Delicious Dill Dip & Seasoning

Delicious Dill Dip & Seasoning

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Muddy Trail Jerky Co Delicious Dill Dip & Seasoning is great for parties or just a quick snack when easily mixed with sour cream and mayonnaise. Makes a delicious addition to your favorite fish or roasted potatoes.


Dill, minced onion, parsley, onion powder, celery salt, sugar.

Weight: 100g




Mix 2- 3 Tbsp. with 1. cup sour cream and 1 cup mayo. Let sit for an hour and serve in a bread bowl or with vegetables. Also delicious on fish or roasted potatoes. Simply drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with 1 tsp. mix and grill or bake.

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